Moving again… and this time its serious.

March 4, 2009

After a month of hostel beds and mattresses on the floor, I have finally found a room of my own in a real live apartment.  I live in a beautiful building in Kreuzberg, in the southeast of the city (which is West Berlin.  I know, I always pegged myself as an easterner, but you just never know).  There is a huge old church nearby and the boulevard is divided by tall trees that are probably beautiful when there are leaves on them.  The apartment has a large living room/dining room and a lot of hardwood floors.  I share it with Johan, a Swedish law student on exchange here, and Hendrick, German, who is an actor.  I am subletting the room from a woman who is at a music program in Hamburg for two months.  Johan and I ate dinner together the first night, and Hendrick had a dinner party for his friends last night that I was a part of.  We teamed up against his friends and were victorious in a game of ‘kicker,’ German for foosball.  There is a table in the apartment, so I can finally get good at one of the many games I rarely played in high school or college!

I look forward to settling in here, while continuing to explore what is now ‘my neighborhood’ and the rest of the city.  Apparently the best bakery in Berlin is across the street (according to Hendrick), and the Turkish market, where I can get cheap produce and just about anything else, is about a 20 minute walk away.  And if I ever get lonely, its just a half an hour by subway back to my friends at Project Volunteering.

On another note, I have put up some new pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Also, having my own room makes it a lot easier to talk over skype or g/iChat.  If you are interested in having such a hi-tech conversation, shoot me an email to figure out what time would work best for us.  Evening my time seems to work well – thats morning for the West coasters and mid-day for the East coasters.

Or just send me an email anyway.  I love to hear how life goes state-side (or wherever in the world you may be!).


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