Staying somewhere new.

February 24, 2009

I had to leave my hostel for the weekend; all beds were full because there was a big punk rock concert here. So I joined the wonderful world of couch surfing and tried my luck with the kindhearted hosts of Berlin. What I found was Permanent Hospitality Berlin, where I have decided to stay until I find a room of my own. It is a big apartment full of people that live together and do projects together and open their house for couchsurfers galore. There are several sleeping rooms (just for sleeping) and then a social room, a private/chill out room, and a work room where the technology lives.  It’s a really cool, well organized space and I’m glad I found it. Also, it’s a lot cheaper to stay here than in a hostel and has a better sense of community. Its been good to cook and eat with people (don’t want to overdose on kebab – which is spelled kebap here – to soon). Also, its nice to have a place to hang out with other people. Not a lot of German spoken around here, though – this house is populated by Canadian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Danish, Belgian… and new people come through every day.


One comment

  1. crazy! It’s like you live in the tower of babel.

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