February 12, 2009

No Shock Doctrine for me, turns out a lot of other people had the same idea. I may be able to see another showing. We’ll see. Hate to get your hopes up.

Also, in my newness to Berlin, I totally misread the city’s smoking habits.  Turns out smoking has been banned in most of Germany to various degrees since the beginning of 2008.  Something like a third of Germans smoke, so that’s kind of a big deal.  Also, apparently the Nazis banned smoking, so outlawing it appeared to be quite a sensitive issue.  The government here conceded a bit: bars, restaurants, and clubs can set up a separate smoking room on the premises, but no alcohol can be served in that room.  As a non-smoker, my lungs and clothes think this is wonderful news.


One comment

  1. comment 1: your blog is now (and has been since its inception, or at least my knowledge of its inception) on my bookmarks toolbar (heretofore to be know as BmT) (read: it has become one of my limited options of tried and true internet black holes into which to throw otherwise non-dedicated time). It has recently become the only of said BmT black holes as my hard drive crashed and I have only felt it necessary to include your blog on my newly pristine BmT.

    comment 2: It’s not yet eight in the morning, and it’s Saturday, therefore please excuse the excessive use of parenthesis found in the above.

    comment 3: Thank you for the birthday card, it made my week (a few weeks back) and made me think: “Alex has not yet landed in the land of Germans, thus she cannot yet be able to provide me with an address at which to return the favor”. However, she is now in said cold land of street art, and may have settled at least permanently enough for der Briefträger (postman) to find her. If not, I’m not surprised, it took me over a month in France to have an address, and it wasn’t even mine but a friend’s who agreed to receive my all but non-existent correspondence. In brief: when you do have numbers and a street name all your own, send it to me.

    comment 4: I miss you, my house misses you, and your house misses you. You must be pretty cool.

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