December 2, 2008

When my friends started believing I was moving, I started believing it too.  Not before that moment, which happened a few days after Thanksgiving.  Three weeks later, I steered a rented Impala full of all of my worldly possessions through the worst snow Portland had seen in 28 years (that’s a good story for another time) and drove to Pasadena in time for Christmas.

For the five weeks since then, I’ve fit that carload of stuff into my room and then extracted a backpack and a half’s worth.  When I’m not doing that, I take German lessons and actually feel pretty good about how much German I know.  Now I just need the confidence to use it.  And now that I’ve put all this work into it, I suppose I’ll move to Berlin for a year or so.  Or at least, I’ve been telling people that’s the case.  And now that they are saying it back to me, it’s probably true.


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